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This cohort is for the BSL team only

Please note that the timing of this module is only for registration purposes.  The Live session times are listed below.

The Introducing Responsive Blended Learning (iRBL) module is designed to guide you as you prepare your teaching and student support for the academic year 2020-21.  Responsive Blended Learning combines active, supported online learning with contextually appropriate face-to-face learning opportunities, enabling us to respond dynamically to the changing external context. 

This booking is to join a 2-week moderated cohort. This includes participation in 3 live sessions. 

Live sessions for cohort 63 (open to all staff) are as follows: 

  • Live session 1:  18 August Tuesday 1300-1400 BST
  • Live session 2:  20 August Thursday 1300-1400 BST
  • Live session 3:  26 August Wednesday 1300-1430 BST

You will study with approximately 20 colleagues, sharing ideas and experiences through discussions, activities and live sessions. You will gain most benefit from working through your Responsive Blended Approach with colleagues in your module or programme team. However, you can do this sharing of ideas, and planning of provision outside of the iRBL module. There is no obligation to join a cohort together.

Monday, August 17, 2020
09:03 - 09:04
Own Computer/Laptop
Own Computer
  Staff only  

Registration is required. There are 10 seats available.

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